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Type: Roller Coaster                  
Specific Type: Steel, Out & Back, Looping
Seating: Sit-Down, 2-Abreast, 24-Passenger
Height: 85 feet
Drop: 65 feet 
Angle: N/A
Speed: 48 MPH
Length: 2050 feet
Duration: 2 Minutes 
Manufacturer: Arrow Dynamics
Color Scheme: Blue track / white supports 
Opening Date: 5/15/1976

POV Video

Corkscrew was the first roller coaster at Cedar Point to go upside down. The ride opened at Cedar Point in May 1976 and was manufactured by Arrow Dynamics. Corkscrew stands 85 feet tall and reaches speeds up to 48 MPH.

Riders are hurled through a loop and sent over the midway through two corkscrew elements before returning to the station. Corkscrew is perfect for younger ride warriors who want to work their way up to the bigger rides while testing their fear of being upside-down.

At night, this classic steel coaster’s corkscrew elements are equipped with dazzling red lights adding to the beautiful nighttime scene of the park.