Cedar Creek Mine Ride

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Type: Roller Coaster
Specific Type: Steel Mine Train
Seating: 2 across, 3 rows per car, 5 cars per train
Height: 55 feet
Drop: 48 feet
Angle: N/A
Speed: 42 MPH
Length: 2,540 feet
Duration: 2 minute 42 seconds
Manufacturer: Arrow Dynamics
Color Scheme: Brown
Opening Date: 5/24/1969

POV Video

Cedar Creek Mine Ride was manufactured by Arrow Dynamics and made its debut at Cedar Point in May 1969. Mine Ride stands 55 feet tall and reaches speeds up to 42 MPH.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride is a great ride the whole family can enjoy together. Riders experience a thrilling adventure through high-speed helixes, tight turns, and a drop that plunges riders toward Cedar Point’s lagoon.

Prior to the 2012 operating season, Cedar Point was reported to be experimenting with the some of the Gemini trains on the Mine Ride track. There was no official word from Cedar Point as to why this testing was going on and throughout the 2012 season, Mine Ride was using its original mine themed trains.