Cedar Point's 2021 Opening Day
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Top 10 reasons you should stay at the new Cedar Point Express Hotel

1) PRICE - Looking for something a little cheaper than the hotels located right on the point? Cedar Point’s Express Hotel is worth every penny! Generally priced around $100 (depending on dates and deals), you are getting a steal. Many hotels and motels in the area will charge you the exact same amount and you won’t get half of the amenities or the cleanliness. Trust me when I say, this one is worth it!

2) DISTANCE - Located only 2 miles from the park, CP Express is as close as you can get without staying on the actual peninsula. Unfortunately the hotel does not offer a shuttle to and from this location, but with a driving distance of only 5 minutes, you really can’t complain.

3) WALKING DISTANCE TO OTHER FUN - While Cedar Point is obviously the main focus of your trip, I wanted to mention some of the other options located within walking distance of CP Express. Located on connecting property to a city park, the hotel is perfect for anyone with small children. If it happens to be a rainy day, my personal favorite option is The Thirsty Pony and Cedar Lanes complex. With laser tag, bowling, an indoor waterpark, and horse betting, you have rainy day options for the whole family! Looking for slightly larger indoor water park? Try visiting Castaway Bay, which is located right across the water from CP Express. Platinum Pass holders can visit Castaway Bay for a cool $15!

4) FOOD - Who doesn’t love food? Sometimes we all need a break to refuel and the hotel has tons of fantastic nearby options. I already mentioned The Thirsty Pony, but what I didn’t mention was their great food! Make sure you try their fried pickles and bring home a fun souvenir cup shaped like a guitar or a blender. Another great sit down option is Quaker Steak & Lube. Located at Castaway Bay, this restaurant features yummy wings, a great view of the bay, and a creative variety of objects bolted to the walls (I promise you won’t run out of stuff to look at). Sometimes after a long day in the park we just need something quick and cheap. McDonald’s and Dairy Queen are located adjacent to the hotel, leaving you two great options before heading to bed.


5) TICKET DISCOUNTS - If you buy your tickets through CP Express, you can expect some fantastic deals! General park admission for a ticket bought at the front gate is $67, but if you purchase a ticket online or while staying at the hotel, expect to only pay $45! As a bonus, this ticket gets you into the new Cedar Point Shores (formerly Soak City) on the same day you use the ticket.

6) EARLY ENTRY - After you snag your tickets at the hotel, don’t forget about early entry into the park! All guests staying overnight receive early entry into Cedar Point, helping you get that extra ride (or 3) on Millennium Force! Other early entry rides include Valravn, Maverick, Gatekeeper, Tiki Twirl, Cadillac Cars, Dodgem, Cedar Downs, Kiddy Kingdom and the Midway Carousel.

7) UPDATED LOBBY AND GIFT SHOP - New this year, Cedar Point updated the entire interior of CP Express. Expect to see brand new seating, rugs and other décor while you wait to check in. Another great new feature in the lobby is the expanded gift shop. Why buy your souvenir t-shirts and toys in the park when you can buy them right at the hotel and not have to carry them all day? Don’t need souvenirs? The gift shop has the availability to purchase coffee and donuts for breakfast, along with tons of snacks and microwave meals for late night munchies.


8) UPDATED HOTEL ROOMS - The minute you walk into your room, it’s like you’ve been transported right into Cedar Point’s Hotel Breakers located on the peninsula. Like Breakers, CP Express now offers brand new flooring, bedding, paint and furnishings. The rooms are clean, the TVs are flat, and the air conditioners work wonderfully. Also included in your room are coffee pots, mini refrigerators, and microwaves.


9) CLEAN UPDATED BATHROOMS - Everyone loves clean bathrooms, so this is a must have on my list. Expect to see brand new open-view vanities, paint, flooring, and even “no slam” toilet seats. Cedar Point went all out updating the bathrooms and it certainly shows.

10) COURTYARD/ POOL - Last but not least, our favorite new feature of CP Express has to be the courtyard. New this year, CP added a brand new splash pad, as well as heat to their Snoopy shaped swimming pool. If swimming isn’t your thing, the new courtyard now offers plenty of shaded space with tables and chairs for you to relax at after an exhausting day.



By - Brittany McMillan


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