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Steel Vengeance Media Day

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Hi guys! We’d like to take a moment to thank you all for your support of our page CPRundown! It’s because of fans like you that we exist. We love to get you the most up to date information possible for our favorite park, Cedar Point. Be sure to go to cedarpoint.com for all official information. We are sure you are waiting for our honest review of Steel Vengeance and we are so happy to give that to you today!

First off, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Ellen and I am typically a behind the scenes photographer for our site. I run the Instagram page and am really happy to stay quietly out of the way. Introverts unite. However, I was honored to be at Media Day for Steel Vengeance and now I get to tell you all about it!

Carsten, our president, and I arrived at the park at 4 AM so that we would be able to start getting footage for you as soon as possible. It was amazing to be back home and drive around Perimeter Road looking at all of our favorite coasters. I don’t really think I believed what was happening until we finally passed Maverick and saw Steel Vengeance lit up and ready for us to ride. We got checked in and Kristy let us loose. We actually were able to get on the very first train that morning and WOW. From the very first bunny hills before the lift hill to the massive amount of airtime, inversions and head choppers, we were completely disoriented and could not believe this intense coaster was in our park! When we got back to the platform, we looked at each other and said “what just happened?” It was like we were in a dream.

Throughout the day we were able to interact with Cedar Fair executives, news reporters and others with internet presence like our own page. I will say, I was definitely tongue tied when I met Rob Decker but he was very gracious and I couldn’t thank him enough for this amazing new coaster. I think I shook everyone’s hands like 5 times each…at least it felt that way.

Cedar Point went out of their way in making sure Media Day was a success. We were able to taste the new food options that the park is rolling out this season. They are delicious as you can tell from the photos! Frontier Town looks phenomenal. So much time and attention to detail has been shown to make the entire experience exceed expectations. As we left the event, we were each given a numbered piece of original wood from the original Mean Streak coaster with Steel Vengeance overlaid and a Steel Vengeance notebook and pen. We were also able to get complimentary on ride photos if we desired.

Below are are the photos taken throughout the day.

Article By - Ellen Carr

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