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Easter Weekend Trip Report 2018

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First, let's start with introductions. My name is Frank Forkman and I'm a Dietician from Sandusky, Ohio. Yes, I know, very funny. A fork that teaches others how to eat properly. Hardy Har. Anyways, enough about me. Today, I am going to tell you all about my weekend trip down to Kings Dominion and Carowinds.

It was a long drive down, taking me about 10 hours with traffic, but the view when I arrived at Carowinds was AMAZING! Fury 325 dominated the skyline and I got to straddle the Carolina state line (It was a bit of a stretch). I was a tad disappointed at the lack of fork accessible rides in the park, but managed to convince the ride operator to let me on Fury. Oh boy was that first drop INTENSE!

 I spent the rest of my day watching a few shows and eating all of the delicious snacks. My favorite was the funnel cakes topped with ice cream, strawberries and chocolate sauce! Mmmmm.

On Saturday, I made my way up to Kings Dominion in Virginia. The front gate was absolutely stunning. You are greeted by a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower (a miniature, but still just as amazing in my book). I immediately took a trip to the top and gazed out over the horizon at the vast array of roller coasters. After I descended, I decided to take a walk through Dinosaurs Alive.

Although, not as exciting as Cedar Point's (my personal favorite), I was still intimidated by their hungry glares and decided to head to Twisted Timbers. AND OH MY GOSH! If I wasn't excited for Steel Vengeance before, I AM NOW! Twisted Timbers was full of amazing airtime and lots of great twists and turns. I ended my day with a ride on Volcano and a perfectly salty pretzel from Auntie Anne's.

On my drive home, I encountered a bit of a "fork in the road" for a lack of better words. My cousin Felipe Forkman who was traveling with me, fell and broke a prong at a rest area. I rushed him to the Emergency Room where we spent most of the day Monday morning. Luckily, the hospital had a fully trained Tineocologist (a fork specialist) on staff and they were able to save and reattach his prong. So after 8 long hours, we were finally back on the road.

 My last stop before heading back to the house was a short trip to Battery Park to gaze at my favorite place in the world, Cedar Point. After a long weekend down south, it felt nice to take in the calming views of Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster. I sat for a while and thought about how much I will miss Mean Streak, but CANNOT WAIT for the new adventures to come on May 5th when I finally ride Steel Vengeance! 


Check out below to view Felipe & Frank's trip photos from last weekend!

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