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These are the people that are fully dedicated to providing you with high quality news and media about Cedar Point. They work their butts off to ensure you have an awesome experience here at CP Rundown.

Carsten Anderson

President / Owner / Co-host on The Rundown on Fun Podcast!

Hey Guys, I'm Carsten and I'm the president and owner of CP Rundown. I have been going to Cedar Point since the day I was born. I enjoy Cedar Point because of it's rich history as well as it's great family atmosphere. Oh and roller coasters would be another big reason! I also LOVE coffee and anything fun when I'm not at the park! When you find me at the park be sure and say "hi"

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Evan Schulz

Vice President / Co-host on The Rundown on Fun Podcast!

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Kyle Huth

Podcast Manager

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Jen Temple

Blogger / Writer

Hi everyone, I’m Jen! I’ve been going to Cedar Point every year for as long as I can remember. I am also a former employee of Cedar Point, having worked in Admissions in 1996, and a Ride Operator on CP & LE Railroad in 1997. I’ve been a season pass holder almost every year since 1998. My favorite coaster is Raptor, but Maverick runs a close second. I joined the staff of CP Rundown last year as a blogger, and hope that you enjoy reading all of the great information that we bring to you. I love seeing the joy in my son’s eyes every time we head to the park. He can’t wait to be able to ride the big rides with mommy and daddy. Until then, have the best day ever and ride on!

Ellen Carr-Haley


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