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The Haunting Of Eerie Estate Creator Day Food Review 2022

This past weekend Carsten and Evan were invited to Halloweekends Creators Day and had the chance to check out some of the new food offerings for the Halloween Season. Here are Evan's thoughts about everything he got to try during the event!





Pixie Potion Non-Alcoholic Blood Bag (Various locations throughout the park): While this was very good and honestly quite refreshing for a hot summer day, this was EXTREMELY sweet. And that’s all there really is to say about this blood bag.






Loaded Burnt Ends Potato Wedges (BackBeatQue): This was very tasty. Burnt ends aren’t my favorite when it comes to BBQ but these had a great flavor and weren’t like chewing rocks like some burnt ends tend to be. Yes I understand they are BURNT ends but I like to still be able to chew my food. The potato wedges with the rest of the toppings (cheese sauce, sour cream, pickled red onions, and jalapenos) had a great flavor and even though served buffet style they weren’t soggy in the slightest.




Nashville Hot Chicken Tenders (Corral): These were just absolutely phenomenal. The tenders themselves were very nicely breaded with a lot of meat (similar to the tenders served at Farmhouse) and the sauce was a very comfortable level of hot. Enough to make your eyes water but also not torture yourself. The sauce too had a very nice flavor. They also get a bonus for being served with pickles.



Shards of Glass Cupcakes (Engine House Custard): Fairly typical cupcakes but aside from that, an absolute A+ for presentation. Really clever and cute idea.





 S’mores Chocolate Fudge: Holy fudge. This is some of the best fudge I have ever had. Incredibly tasty. However be warned that even one bite is very, VERY sweet. Probably the only thing I’ve ever eaten that I thought tasted so good but was done after one bite..





Cinnamon and Sugar Nachos (Miss Keats Smokehouse): All I could think of is the cinnamon twists from taco bell. Very similar flavor, which to me is a good thing.






Pumpkin Roll (Coasters Diner): I saved the best for last. First off, I absolutely love pumpkin rolls anyways. But this stuff is without a doubt the BEST pumpkin roll I have ever had. I could not recommend it more!

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