5,000 free first rider t-shirt's to be given on Opening Day!

KINGS ISLAND, Ohio – The first 5,000 guests to experience Kings Island’s new record-breaking roller coaster, “Banshee,” when the park opens for the 2014 season Friday, April 18 will receive a free first rider t-shirt. The world’s longest inverted roller coaster at 4,124 feet will send riders screaming through seven inversions in two and one-half minutes of non-stop action. One of the most highly-anticipated new rides in the world this year features the following succession of breath-taking thrills: a 167-foot lift hill followed by a 150-foot curved first drop, a dive loop, a loop encircling the lift hill, a zero-gravity-roll, a pair of batwing inversions, outside loop, in-line roll and carousel, all at speeds up to 68 mph. Banshee is themed to a wailing mythological messenger from the underworld with flowing white hair and gleaming eyes. Textured lighting and other lighting effects will bring the Banshee legend to reality, creating the ultimate night ride experience.