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We’re all itching for the off-season to be over and get back to coaster riding, so here are 4 things that you should prepare for the start of the season!

Now that the long off-season is over we can get into the 2017 season! Here are 4 things that you should do to prepare yourself for an amazing summer!

1. Consider a drink/meal plan add-on for the season (You must have a season pass)

I very strongly recommend this option for getting drinks in the park. There are a few different season long drink options. You can get the classic souvenir bottle or the new bottle free drink plan. The bottle free drink plan has the convenience of being scanned on a pass like the dining plans. There’s no need to worry about finding a locker to store your bottle when you want to ride.

This year, the drink plan costs $29.99 plus tax for unlimited refills for the ENTIRE season! You can get a drink every 15 minutes at any of the participating locations. In addition, for $10.99 plus tax, there is a souvenir bottle drink plan that provides free refills on the day of purchase, and $.99 refills the rest of the season.

The All Season Dining Plan allows two meals per visit, at participating locations, and is only $99.00 plus tax. You can break even on this purchase in only three visits, very similar to the other season pass options! It includes awesome restaurants like Panda Express, Pink’s Hot Dogs, Chickie and Pete’s, and many other great options. The drink and meal plans work at all Cedar Fair parks!

2. Download the Cedar Point mobile app!

The FREE mobile app offers so many benefits, such as storing a digital copy of your season pass, ride wait times, a park map, show information, Fun Pix, and so many other great features. It’s a very handy tool to help you traverse the park and help you to have a great day!

3. Get excited for the all-new Cedar Point Shores!

Sandusky can get very hot during the summer and the newly expanded waterpark for 2017 is sure to be a hit. Put on your swimsuit and enjoy all of the amenities, slides, and especially the swim-up bar!

Included with Cedar Point Shores is a revamp of many of the existing slides and buildings, as well as an entirely new waterslide complex, restaurants, and a new kids area! Local Legend “Lemmy” of Lake Erie is the theme to the children’s area, and features a slide through Lemmy’s head!

Point Plummet is the new waterslide complex, which involves “drop slides,” with a trap door to release you into the slide! There will also be an all new and unique restaurant at the water park called Crystal Rock Café. It will serve sandwiches, salads, and much more for the whole family to enjoy. With all of these great additions to the waterpark, it surely will become a great destination to compliment Cedar Point.

4. Be aware of other park changes in 2017!

Every year there are many additions to the park, big or small, and this year is no different! In addition to the ones we mentioned, you should check out Melt Bar and Grilled, a restaurant local to the Cleveland area featuring gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, a new Famous Dave’s location located on Frontier Trail, and Professor Delbert’s Frontier Fling (formerly known as Ripcord)!

We look forward to seeing you on the midway and we hope you have a wonderful season this summer! Have fun and ride on!

By - Eric Kaesberg


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