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What Does Winter at Cedar Point Mean to Me

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Winter at Cedar Point – A Sleeping Beauty

By: Britt Hageman

There comes a part of the season that everyone dreads. Closing day sneaks up on us and park enthusiasts begin the countdown to when the season begins anew. Although there is frustration in not being able to enjoy our favorite rides, there is beauty in the still of the winter.

Why would anyone enjoy an amusement park without the screams and laughter of families and friends from around the world? In order for people to feel their best, they must rest and relax. The same is true for our beloved attractions. While some find solace in reading a book in a peaceful place, others enjoy sitting quietly in the silence to rejuvenate. Trains need to be removed, dismantled, cleaned, and reassembled. Why? They need to be given the same TLC to be ready to provide millions of people enjoyment each season.

After attending several off season events at the park, the times where you can hear a pin drop give you an opportunity to soak in the hidden gems that surround us in the hustle and bustle of the season. How often do you ever lookat the beauty of the winding track of your favorite roller coaster? What about the pathways that envelop the park? Can you imagine the beautiful landscaping that will soon replace the freshly fallen snow? How about the smells of a freshly made funnel cake ready to be devoured? The silence can allow all of us to reflect and be appreciative of how lucky we are.

The staff at CP Rundown would like to reflect and be appreciative for all those who make our season of fun happen year after year. Thanks go out to Jason, Tony, Kristy, Jordan, and all of their staff members. We cannot wait to find out how your dreams and plans for the park will make our summer one to remember. (We of course are waiting on pins and needles for special news about you know what! ) A special thanks goes out to all of the hardworking crew members in the park. From rides, maintenance, foods, games, guest services, park services, and more we’d like to say thank you. Many of you have become family to us. You work in all elements of weather, sometimes from open until close. You give your all every single day to make the guest experience the perfect one whether it would be the regulars or those visiting for the first time.

So we invite you to take a moment. While the park is getting some rest, reflect on what joy will be coming your way in May. Many people are preparing our favorite rides to awaken in 2017. Once our “Sleeping Beauty” comes to life, take the time to imagine the peacefulness of the park in winter. Take a walk and enjoy the beauty of the gift we have in Cedar Point. 

(These photos were taken at the Ride Warrior Club Holiday Party and the 2016 Santa Hustle. Please honor and respect the trespassing rules that Cedar Point has asked of the coaster community to follow.)



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