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How to Visit Cedar Point Like a Pro - Tips from an Avid Roller Coaster Rider and Former Employee

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How to Visit Cedar Point Like a Pro - Tips from an Avid Roller Coaster Rider and Former Employee

1. Go during the week if possible. The hardest part of deciding when to go is determining how busy the park will be. From experience, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually the least busy.

2. Go in early May or late August. If weekdays aren’t possible, go on weekends early in the season while local schools are still in session, or late after they’ve started back up again.

3. Stay at a Cedar Point resort. If you’re planning to go for multiple days, stay at a Cedar Point resort. You get 1 hour of early entry time with fewer people in the park; it’s just resort guests and Platinum Pass holders. These include Breakers Express and Sandcastle Suites.

4. Buy a Pass. If you plan on going to the park more than 3 times, buy a pass! It'll save you money while giving you some extra perks. Platinum Passes get you free parking and free entrance to all other Cedar Fair parks as well as a discount at most in park food and retail locations.

5. Start at the back of the park. Skip Raptor and Gatekeeper first thing in the morning as their lines are likely to be longer because people go to the first ride they see. Head to the back and work your way to the front of the park throughout the day.

6. Use the Resort Entrance. This entrance is closer to the back of the park. Park in the lot by Breakers Hotel and enter through the resort entrance to get to the back of the park first while most people are still at the front waiting in lines.

7. Wait out the bad weather. Stick around even if the weather’s bad. There are some amazing live shows and if the weather lightens, you’ll be the first in line.

8. Use collapsible reusable water bottles. The small collapsible water bottles with a clip are amazing. You can take them on just about every ride, since they squish down and can clip to your belt loop. Here’s an example of the ones I’m talking about:

9. Wear a fanny pack or small purse. Most bags cannot be brought onto the major rides or even in their lines. Stay away from backpacks, large purses, or drawstring bags if you don’t want to have to pay for a locker. (This is strictly enforced.)

10. Stay away from the souvenir bottles. Souvenir Drink cups are not allowed on some rides or even in the lines. I recommend the refillable bottles mentioned above. If you must have the souvenir, wait until the end of the day to pick one up.

11. Wait to play the games until later. Just like large bags, large stuffed animal prizes are not allowed on some rides or even in the line. Don’t lose your prize because you can’t take it with you.

12. Don’t buy Fast Lane right away. Wait to buy a Fast Lane until you’ve been in the park long enough to determine how many people are there that day. Many people buy it ahead of time and regret it when the Fast Lane line is the same length as the regular line.

13. Stay hydrated. People often pass out in lines after standing in the sun for long periods of time. One way to prevent this is to stay well hydrated.

14. Wear sunscreen. Even on a cloudy day, the sun still can and will burn you. Spending 8 hours in direct sunlight with no protection is the best way to increase chances of heat stroke and sun poisoning. Reapply frequently, especially after getting wet.

15. Be courteous to the employees. Their number one goal is to make sure you have The Best Day Experience - that includes the five cornerstones: courtesy, service, safety, cleanliness, and integrity. The people who run this park can end up being your best friend.


By - Cecelia Dahlinger


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