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Cedar Downs Racing Derby

It’s a carousel AND a race! One of the only two racing carousels in the United States, Cedar Downs Racing Derby began its gallop in 1920. You’ll ride in four-across rows, and the horses trade the lead back and forth as you race for the finish!

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Just when you think you’ve got a clear path, BAM!--there’s someone you didn’t dodge. Get behind the wheel of this midway classic and take a crash course in family fun!

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For a rush of Alpine excitement, you can’t beat the Matterhorn. The cars rock and roll up, down and around as you fly to the summit!

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Located across from Giant Wheel, MaXair is a giant spinning disk that you don’t want to miss!

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A many-tentacled creature has you in its grip. Ride the disorienting Monster and you’ll be spun, turned, lifted and lowered – all at the same time!

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Ocean Motion

Ships are made to sail, and this one REALLY does its job. The Ocean Motion ship swings back and forth, higher and higher, until it reaches 65 feet.

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Power Tower

It’s 300 feet of steel rising into the sky, and a choice: you can rocket 240 feet up to the top at incredible speed, or you can start at the top and thrust downward faster than a free fall. Two towers rocket up, and two towers thrust down. Well, what’s it gonna be?

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Recipe for fun: take a group of typical Cedar Point riders, sit them in cars, and scramble. You’re going clockwise and counterclockwise at the same time. If that sounds confusing, that’s the idea!

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We’ve got a swing set. And it’s waaaaaay bigger than yours. In fact, the Skyhawk is the world’s tallest swing ride at 125 feet. Two giant arms, each holding 20 riders, swing in a 60 mph scissor motion, reaching high into the deep blue sky.

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Introduced in 2014, SlingShot brings a one-of-a-kind experience to Cedar Point.

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