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Iron Dragon


Type: Roller Coaster                    
Specific Type: Arrow Suspended Swinging
Seating: 3 trains, 7 cars per train, 4 riders per car
Height: 76 feet
Drop: 60 feet
Angle: N/A
Speed: 40 MPH
Length: 2,800 feet
Duration: 2 minutes 
Manufacturer: Arrow Dynamics
Color Scheme: Yellow supports / Red track
Opening Date: 1987

POV Video

Iron Dragon, built by Arrow Dynamics, debuted in 1987 at an estimated cost of $4 million. Iron Dragon is a suspended coaster, meaning the steel coaster hangs below the track by a chassis that allows the cars to swing from side to side. The paint scheme is a red tubular track with yellow supports. The cars are blue with a black bottom and black and silver trim. The front car on each train has an embossed Iron Dragon logo and flames down each side of the car. Each train has seven cars with two rows each, seating two abreast per row.

Iron Dragon has several unique elements to keep experienced riders interested, as well as bridging the gap between Kiddie Kingdom and the larger coasters in the park for those who are a bit smaller.

The two-minute ride experience begins with riders (who must be at least 48 inches tall) boarding the train and pulling down the black shoulder harness. Once passengers are safely restrained in the train, it exits the station and turns to the right to begin the climb up the 76 foot hill. Riders are looking at the top of the trees when the train suddenly drops down the first hill, reaching speeds of 40 MPH. It twists and turns as the track winds through a wooded area before it slows down to begin the 60 foot ascent up the second lift hill. The second lift drops riders into an additional swooping turn, before careening through a pretzel shaped loop, over a mist filled lagoon, and returning to the station.

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