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Wicked Twister


Type: Roller Coaster                    
Specific Type: Steel, Inverted, LIM-Launched, Shuttle
Seating: Sit-Down, floorless, 2-abreast, 32-passenger
Height: 215 feet 
Drop: 206 feet
Angle: 90 degrees
Speed: 72 MPH
Length: 2,700 feet
Duration: 40 seconds
Manufacturer: Intamin, AG
Color Scheme: Teal supports / yellow track
Opening Date: 5/5/2002

POV Video

Wicked Twister opened in 2002, as the tallest and fastest "double twisting" coaster in the world. Wicked Twister was built by Intamin and consists of a “U” shaped track with two 215 foot tall spikes, with 450 degree twists on each spike. The inverted track is yellow, with green supports and has a single train which hangs from the track.  Additional supports were added to the ride's structure for the 2003 season. Two yellow supports were added to each spike to connect the track to the top of the main support structure.  The added supports were installed to reduce stress and prevent fractures in the steel track.

The brightly colored blue, pink, green and yellow train has 8 cars per train, each holding 4 riders. Riders load in the station in the middle of the track.  The floor does not rise or drop, so riders will have to jump in to the seat.  After pulling down the yellow safety harness, there is a short belt on the side which must be fastened into place.

Once the riders are safely restrained, linear induction motors propel the train forward out of the station at 50 mph.  The initial launch carries the train approximately halfway up the front tower. After slowing to a slight stop, the train falls backwards and enters the station again, where the train is accelerated to 63 mph and the train climbs half way up the rear tower. The train then stops and drops forward before re-entering the station where the train repeats the cycle two additional times, reaching speeds of 72 mph and climbing to the top of both towers.

Wicked Twister doesn’t offer a single opportunity for riders to catch their breath during the 40 second ride.  From the first launch, to the last, you will find each disorienting launch faster and more exciting than the last.

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