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Type: Roller Coaster                   
Specific Type: Steel, Lunched by Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM motor)
Seating: 6 Sit-down, 2-abreast, 12-passenger trains
Height: 105 feet
Drop: 100 feet
Angle: 95 degrees 
Speed: 70 MPH
Length: 4,450 feet
Duration: 2 minutes 30 seconds
Manufacturer: Intamin AG
Color Scheme: Tan supports / red track
Opening Date: 2007

POV Video

Maverick, built by Intamin AG, debuted as Cedar Point’s 17th coaster in 2007. It is located in Frontier Town in the original location of White Water Landing’s station. Themed as a western theme, Maverick’s 4,450 feet of steel track is painted bright red and pale tan supports. The trains are themed as a steam-era style and sit 12 passengers, with 6 rows of two people sitting abreast. The trains are each named and colored as follows: Brent-Gold, Ben-Gunmetal, Beau-Gold, and Sam-Copper. They each feature a hydraulic over-the-shoulder harness and an interlocking seatbelt.

Riders in the station load two trains at a time. Both trains are launched simultaneously, and as one is staged patiently at the bottom of the hill, the other train begins the climb up the 105 feet lift hill.  This launch is unique to Cedar Point as it uses a Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM motor) to lift the train quickly, smoothly and quietly to the top of the hill. At the top of the hill, the train is dropped 100 feet at a 95 degree angle.

As the train falls, it reaches speeds of 57 miles per hour, makes a turn to the right and goes over a 74 feet tall airtime hill. The train then goes through two 360 degree corkscrew rolls, called the twisted horseshoe, before going into a tunnel under the station. In the tunnel, the train is launched at 70 miles per hour by another Linear Synchronous Motor. The launch takes your breath away before making a sharp turn to the left as you leave the station and it enters a canon with an S-curve. Water bombs shoot off like geysers as the train enters the canyon. The train passes under the lift hill and goes through two over-banked turns before one final airtime hill. The train finally slows down and gives the riders a moment to catch their breath before entering the station.

Maverick was originally scheduled to debut on May 8, 2007. Four days before the debut, John Hildebrant, Cedar Point’s General Manager, announced the opening would be delayed. The ride originally included a heartline roll, constructed of three 40-feet track sections, located in the current area of the s-curves. After testing, it was discovered that these sections may have caused discomfort to passengers due to high g-forces and placed excessive stress on the trains. Due to this issue, the ride actually debuted on May 26, 2007 with the new s-curve installed.

Maverick riders must be 52” tall to ride this coaster. This is a very intense ride, and riders with heart conditions or back injuries should not attempt this ride. From the moment riders begin the quick accent up the lift hill to the last brake run, there are no opportunities to catch your breath during the 2 minute, 30 seconds of ride time. This ride is filled with twists, turns and airtime, and riders will be amazed at how wild the West can be!

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