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Dune Buggies will give tons of off-roading fun for Cedar Point’s younger riders. Located in Kiddy Kingdom.

Read more: Dune Buggies


At Cedar Point, kids have the chance to be a helicopter pilot and fly their own helicopter without any training or even a helicopter pilot’s license.

Read more: Helicopters


Joe Cool's Dodgem School is a suitable ride for all the little ride warriors-in-training because it gives riders the chance to start off and gain experience on little bumper cars, which will prepare little kids for when they are old enough to ride the bigger bumper cars, The Dodgems.

Read more: Joe Cool's Dodgem School


Kite Eating Tree will bring out the hero in all young riders as they get to help Charlie Brown.

Read more: Kite Eating Tree


Motorcycles will give the younger rides the feel of the open road on their own two wheels.

Read more: Motorcycles



Mustangs will provide laps of smiles for Cedar Point’s younger riders.

Read more: Mustangs


No law enforcement training is necessary and you don’t have to wear a badge to get behind the wheel and patrol the park in your own squad car.

Read more: Police Cars

Red Baron


Riders quickly become pilots as they sit down and take the controls in the bright red bi-planes.

Read more: Red Baron


As a level 2 mild thrill ride, Rock, Spin, and Turn does exactly what the title says it does. Riders will sit in a car that spins as it goes around and around the track and its little hills.

Read more: Rock, Spin, and Turn

Roto Whip


Roto Whip is a simple ride because it goes around. But, hold on tight because there is a little “crack-the-whip” that makes Roto Whip extra fun.

Read more: Roto Whip

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