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4x4 gives Cedar Point younger riders the ability to drive around and have some off road fun.

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Antique Cars

Step back in time as you motor through the Frontiertown in one of our kid-size 1910 Cadillac touring car replicas. The quarter-mile journey is a memorable trip, no matter who does the driving.

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Balloon Race

Up, up and away you go on a colorful spin in a big balloon – you’re riding the Balloon Race. You can even grab the wheel and control how fast your balloon spins.

Read more: Balloon Race

Cadillac Cars

Nothing like a drive in the park on a beautiful day, in a scaled-down replica of a 1910 Cadillac touring car. Anyone can take the wheel and enjoy a relaxing and scenic quarter-mile ride.

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Camp Bus

Gather the gang and grab a seat on the big yellow bus that practically flies! The Camp Bus travels high above the ground, taking passengers on an exciting journey that takes you to the smiles.

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Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad

Traveling over two miles of memory-laden track, the C.P. & L.E. Railroad has been chugging its way around the Cedar Point peninsula for nearly 50 years! Climb aboard these authentic steam-powered trains and settle in for a scenic ride you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Stations located on the Iron Dragon Midway and in Frontiertown.

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Lolli Swings

A kid-size version of Cedar Point’s Wave Swinger, the Charlie Brown's Wind-Up is fun for both kids and their parents.

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Flying Ace Balloon Ride

For a little friendly competition, challenge the Flying Ace Balloon Race. Fly high in your own spin-it-yourself balloon!

Read more: Flying Ace Balloon Ride

Giant Wheel

Everything about this wheel is giant: it’s one of the largest Ferris wheels in North America. Ride one of 36 passenger cabins and travel 136 feet in the air, where you can see the whole park. And if it’s nighttime, the whole park can see you, because the Giant Wheel has more lights than any other ride at Cedar Point.

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Sky Ride

Kiddy Kingdom Carousel is a great first ride for many families that spend the day at Cedar Point.

Read more: Kiddy Kingdom Carousel

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