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The Haunting Of Eerie Estate Creator Day Food Review

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Pixie Potion Non-Alcoholic Blood Bag (Various locations throughout the park): While this was very good and honestly quite refreshing for a hot summer day, this was EXTREMELY sweet. And that’s all there really is to say about this blood bag.

Loaded Burnt Ends Potato Wedges (BackBeatQue): This was very tasty. Burnt ends aren’t my favorite when it comes to BBQ but these had a great flavor and weren’t like chewing rocks like some burnt ends tend to be. Yes I understand they are BURNT ends but I like to still be able to chew my food. The potato wedges with the rest of the toppings (cheese sauce, sour cream, pickled red onions, and jalapenos) had a great flavor and even though served buffet style they weren’t soggy in the slightest.

Nashville Hot Chicken Tenders (Corral): These were just absolutely phenomenal. The tenders themselves were very nicely breaded with a lot of meat (similar to the tenders served at Farmhouse) and the sauce was a very comfortable level of hot. Enough to make your eyes water but also not torture yourself. The sauce too had a very nice flavor. They also get a bonus for being served with pickles.

Shards of Glass Cupcakes (Engine House Custard): Fairly typical cupcakes but aside from that, an absolute A+ for presentation. Really clever and cute idea.

S’mores Chocolate Fudge: Holy fudge. This is some of the best fudge I have ever had. Incredibly tasty. However be warned that even one bite is very, VERY sweet. Probably the only thing I’ve ever eaten that I thought tasted so good but was done after one bite..

Cinnamon and Sugar Nachos (Miss Keats Smokehouse): All I could think of is the cinnamon twists from taco bell. Very similar flavor, which to me is a good thing.

 Pumpkin Roll (Coasters Diner): I saved the best for last. First off, I absolutely love pumpkin rolls anyways. But this stuff is without a doubt the BEST pumpkin roll I have ever had. I could not recommend it more!

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