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Saying Thank You: How to Put a Spotlight on Cedar Point Employees

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Have you ever been to Cedar Point and been so impressed by one of the employees? This has happened to our staff each and every time we have visited the park. Saying thank you to the employee who has helped you is a great way to show your appreciation. How else can you show how much they have helped you have the best day ever? The process is very simple and can brighten someone else's day.

The first step in recognizing the employee is to find out their name. You will then find a good time to visit the Guest Services building at the front of the park. This building can be found immediately after walking into or right before you walk out of the main gate. Ask one of the employees for a Certificate of Appreciation.

Once you have the certificate in front of you, all you need to do is simply fill out the information on the form. Make sure you put the employee's name and where they work at (a specific ride name, food stand, or other area of the park). You will also put your name and the date. There are a few lines for you to write a note to the employee so they know how they made your day that much better. This is important as many employees meet so many guests throughout their summer.

Next you give the Certificate of Appreciation back to the Guest Services employee. In a few days, the person you are honoring will be able to see your certificate. Most ride operators are able to hang their certificates up in the control booth. They are also given a special button to wear on their uniform to let others know that they made your day the best day ever!

The next time you are in the park, please stop by Guest Services to say thank you. (The world needs all the kindness it can take these days!) The employees of Cedar Point work their hardest in all kinds of weather to make sure your visit is the best it can be. Let's help make their day the best day ever, too!


By - Britt Hageman


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