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Super Himalaya

Who knew something like centrifugal force could squeeze out so many laughs! The Super Himalaya takes you and your seatmates around and around, up and down and by the end everyone’s happily squeezed together.

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The ride looks deceptively simple: step onto the platform and enter your car. But once you’re in, the platform starts spinning this way while your car spins the other way. Dizzy yet?

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For people who want more scramble than even the Scrambler: Troika. Rising 25 feet off the ground with a swinging scramble, the Troika is fun to the power of three!

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Wave Swinger

This classic midway ride is as beautiful to look at as it is to ride. Swing around and around, rising 16 feet in the air as the tower reaches its full height.

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How would you like to swing in a chair that rises higher than Magnum? You can. Just grab a seat on WindSeeker and it’ll take you 301 feet into the sky with NOTHING below your chair but air!

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Witches' Wheel

It looks innocent enough. But step into one of its unique tandem-style cars and things change. First you spin. Faster and faster until the whole ride tips up and suddenly you’re going up and down and upside down, snug in your seat thanks to all the positive g-forces.

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