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Manufacturer: S&S Power
Ride Type: Giant Swing
Capacity:  80 passengers
Intensity Level:  5 - Moderate Thrill

This ride ain’t your ordinary swing set! Skyhawk was built by S&S Power of Utah and made its debut in 2006 as the world’s largest screamin’ swing. S&S is known for building pneumatically-powered thrill rides. The ride’s two 20-passenger arms are powered by giant nearby air-compressors, creating a “whoosh” sound as the ride is in motion.

The one-minute experience begins when riders board one of the two swings, sitting back-to-back with other riders. Riders are secured in place with a lap bar and seatbelt, creating a free and open ride experience. After the “clear” is given from the ride operators, the swings get higher and faster on each swing, eventually reaching 125 feet in the air and over 65 mph before the ride comes to an end.

Skyhawk is a great ride, even for watchers. Guests can stand right under the swings as they swing overhead, while riders look straight down at them towards the ground. Also, at night the patriotic-colored ride really comes to life with the LED lighting mounted on the bottom of the swings.