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Manufacturer: Eli Bridge Co.
Ride Type: Scrambler Spinner
Capacity:  24 passengers
Intensity Level:  3 - Moderate Thrill

Scrambler is a classic amusement park ride added to Cedar Point in 1960.   This ride built by Eli Bridge Company spins rides around both clockwise and counter clockwise all at the same time.  Scambler has three arms each with four cars; while the ride is spinning one direction the cars are spinning another. This dizzying experience has a moderate thrill level of 3 and is available for riders 36” tall but those between 36” and 48” must ride with a responsible person.  Scrambler is on the midway next to Matterhorn and across from Sky Ride Refreshments.

Scrambler will send riders to the outside of the car with the G-force provided by the spinning of the ride, which is sure to give laughter and fun to those that ride.