Power Tower

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Manufacturer: S&S Sports Power
Ride Type: Launched Tower/Freefall Tower
Capacity:  48 passengers
Intensity Level:  5 - Moderate Thrill

Power Tower opened in 1998 as the world’s tallest drop tower. Manufactured by S&S Power of Utah, the 300-foot tall ride is the only four-towered ride in the world. Each tower has a capacity of 12 riders per cycle. The four towers are each 240 feet tall, and are connected together with a 60 foot tall arch, making the combined structure 300 feet tall.

S&S Power is known for its pneumatically-powered rides. Each of the four towers is powered by an independent, giant air compressor. In the center of each tower are air tanks and cylinders. There is a main, central cylinder that stores the air. Air is released from this cylinder into four surrounding cylinders that each contain a piston. The pistons are attached to cables, which are attached to the ride vehicles. When air is released into the surrounding cylinders, it forces the piston to move. When the pistons are forced downward due to air pressure, the ride vehicle is lifted, and vice versa.

Riders have their choice of ride experience: Space Shot or Turbo Drop. The red-colored towers are the Space Shot towers. On these towers, the ride vehicle is lifted a little bit off the ground before stopping. This nerve-wrecking, suspenseful pause is followed by the vehicle being thrown in the air 240 feet at over 50 mph! After reaching the top, the vehicle bounces up and down before the ride ends.

The green-colored towers are the Turbo Drop towers. They are the exact opposite of the Space Shot. Instead of shooting riders in the air, riders are brought up 240 feet slowly, and then dropped after a nerve-wrecking pause at the top. Just like the Space Shot, the vehicle is bounced up and down before returning to the ground.