Ocean Motion

Posted in Thrill Rides.


Manufacturer: Huss
Ride Type: Pirate Ship
Capacity:  40 passengers
Intensity Level:  3 - Moderate Thrill

Ocean Motion is a pirate themed swinging ship that is great for the whole family.  This Huss creation made its debut at Cedar Point in 1982 along the beachside.  Ocean Motion remained in this spot until 2011 where it was relocated to the front of the park to make room for Windseeker.  The relocation of Ocean Motion also resulted in the addition of a new ride sign along with a small fountain that greatly improves the rides overall look. 

Ocean Motion is perfect for those who enjoy a tickle in their tummy and for those who want to enjoy a great ride with their whole family.  While Ocean Motion was often never seen by guests in its old location, it will be much harder to miss now since it is now one of the first rides guests see as they enter the park.