Tiki Twirl

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Manufacturer: Morgan Hughes Imports
Ride Type: Ground Spinner
Capacity:  50 Passengers
Intensity Level:  3 - Moderate Thrill

Tiki Twirl, built by Morgan Hughes Imports. This spinning ride has four arms with four cars on each arm for a total of sixteen cars. The cars are designed to hold two riders though they are a little snug when two adults try to ride together. Tiki Twirl's platform, which is on an incline, spins one direction while the arms spin another direction. The ride has a moderate thrill level and all riders must be 46 inches tall or with a responsible person. Tiki Twirl is located infront of the Giant Wheel.

Tiki Twirl is a classic ride that entertains with tropical music as it spins you around and it is sure to satisfy the young thrill seeker in all of us.