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Get ready to catch some big air! When you ride Raptor the only thing under your feet is sky. You really will feel snatched up by a bird of prey as the Raptor takes you wherever it pleases, turning you upside down six different times before returning you safely to solid ground. It all starts when you hear, "There goes the floor, you're out the door - enjoy your ride on Raptor!"

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Top Thrill Dragster

Zero to 120 MPH in less than 4 seconds. A few seconds later, you’re 420 feet in the air. In the race for pure adrenaline thrills, there is one winner: Top Thrill Dragster. Nothing else compares to this high-horsepower shot into the sky. From a standing start you’re launched forward, then straight up, then straight down and back to the finish line. The ride may be over in 17 seconds, but it’ll stay with you forever.

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Wicked Twister

Just steps from the Cedar Point Beach you can launch yourself into a spiraling scream-fest on the Wicked Twister. It’s not just a coaster, it’s a double-twisting impulse coaster. One of the tallest and fastest in the world. You’ll be rocked, rolled and launched into two 450-degree spirals at each end of the tracks. You will be twisted. Wickedly. What are you waiting for?

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Jr. Gemini

Wilderness Run is the perfect ride to train a future coaster enthusiast. It might not be comfortable for larger guests, but smaller park visitors are sure to love the excitement this beginner coaster brings.

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Woodstock Express

Looking for some thrills in Camp Snoopy? It’s time to board the Woodstock Express. The perfect size for parents and kids to ride together, this junior coaster takes you on a zippy ride through hills, turns, and curves. And giggles.

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