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Type: Roller Coaster                  
Specific Type: Steel, Racing
Seating: Sit-down, 2-abreast, 30-passengers
Height: 125 feet
Drop: 118 feet
Angle: 55 Degrees
Speed: 60 MPH
Length: 3,935 feet
Duration: 2 minutes and 20 seconds
Manufacturer: Arrow Dyanmics
Color Scheme: Brown
Opening Date: 1978

POV Video

Gemini opened at Cedar Point in 1978. Standing at 125 ft tall, this Arrow Dynamics creation was the tallest roller coaster in the world when it debuted. Not your typical roller coaster, Gemini sports two trains, red and blue, that race against one another throughout the ride.

Gemini is a great ride which usually boasts a short wait time due to the fact that two trains are running together side by side. Gemini is a great transitional ride for smaller ride warriors who would like to experience something a bit larger.

For the past few seasons at Cedar Point, Gemini has hosted Coasting For Kids, a charity event that raises thousands of dollars for disabled children at Give Kids the World. Enthusiasts every year have a blast riding Gemini over and over again knowing their smile is now shared with a young child.

For more information on Give Kids the World and how you can donate please visit: