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Type: Roller Coaster                  
Specific Type: B&M Wing Coaster
Seating: 3 trains / 8 rows or 4, two riders on either side
Height: 170 feet
Drop: 164 feet
Angle: Wing Over Drop – once riders crest the top of the lift hill, the coaster train will rotate 180 degrees to 
the right
Speed: 67 MPH
Length: 4,164 feet
Duration: 2 minutes and 40 seconds
Manufacturer: Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M)
Color Scheme: White supports / Azure Blue (dark blue) and Strata Blue (light blue) track
Opening Date: 5/11/2013

POV Video

Cedar Point broke coaster records yet again with their newest addition which opened in May of 2013.

Gatekeeper, a product of B&M, is the first Winged Coaster in a Cedar Fair park. The ride features a 170-foot tall hill sending riders flying at speeds of up to 62 MPH. Gatekeeper takes riders upside down five times and features a one of a kind fly over of the park's main entrance.

While most coasters manufactured by B&M have an extremely loud roar, Gatekeeper is much quieter because most of the coaster's steel is filled with sand.