Blue Streak

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Cedar Point’s classic wooden roller coaster Blue Streak, flashed onto the scene in 1964, treating riders to the old-school thrills of gravity-driven speed and unexpected airtime. Still a favorite for many, Blue Streak offers a traditional “out and back” track layout offering great, if brief, views of other major park attractions.


Type: Roller Coaster
Specific Type: Wooden - Out and Back
Seating: 24 passenger trains
Height:  78 Feet
Drop:  72 feet
Angle:  45 Degrees
Speed: 40 MPH
Length:  2558 feet
Duration:  1 minute 45 seconds
Manufacturer: Philadelphia Toboggan
Color Scheme: Light Blue and Gray
Opening Date: May 23, 1964

POV Video

Blue Streak was manufactured by Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters and made its debut at Cedar Point in May of 1964. It is currently the oldest coaster in the park. Blue Streak has 2, 4-car trains. Each car has 3 rows and each row can hold up to 2 riders. The trains are painted a beautiful blue and have an orange stripe on the front of every car.

Standing at 78 feet tall, this out and back wooden roller coaster is perfect for the whole family. Blue Streak is often underestimated because of its smaller stature. Whether you’re a first time roller coaster rider or a coaster enthusiast, Blue Streak will always give a thrilling ride. Blue Streak reaches speeds up to 40 mph and sends riders through numerous airtime hills before returning to the station.

Prior to the 2012 operating season, Cedar Point gave Blue Streak a fresh coat of paint, making the ride look brighter and bluer than ever.