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Type: Roller Coaster                   
Specific Type: Steel, Inverted
Seating: 3 Sit-Down, Floorless, 4-abreast, 32-passenger trains
Height: 137 feet
Drop: 119 feet
Angle: 45 degrees 
Speed: 57 MPH
Length: 3,790 feet
Duration: 2 minutes
Manufacturer: Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M)
Color Scheme: Dark green supports / light green track
Opening Date: 5/7/1994

POV Video

Designed and built by Bolliger & Mabillard of Switzerland, Raptor debuted on Cedar Point’s Main Midway in 1994.  When it opened, Raptor was the tallest, fastest and longest inverted roller coaster in the world.  Raptor is themed as a bird of prey and you can hear its roar throughout the front of the park. The light green track is inverted and supported by dark green vertical supports.  Raptor has three, 32-passenger trains, which hang from the track, leaving riders completely floorless. The trains are black with bright green and pink accents and allow riders to sit 4 across.

Riders board Raptor and pull down the bright green shoulder harness and fasten it securely.  Once safety checks have been successfully completed, the floor drops and the train is released from the station, where it dips to the left before the chain lift grabs the train.  It is common to see riders kicking their legs as they are lifted to the top of the 137 ft. tall hill.  At the top, riders have a clear view of the park from both sides before the train plummets 119 ft., swooping riders into a 100 ft. tall vertical loop.  After riders have an opportunity to “kick the sky,” they are led into the heartline spin, before diving to the ground and entering a cobra roll, which causes the train to twist into two additional inversions.

Riders have a second to catch their breath as the train breaks briefly before the next drop which leads them into two corkscrews and a helix which will push you into the seat.  As you exit the helix, the ride brings you towards the station, where two sets of breaks are ready to abruptly stop you.  It takes 2 minutes and 20 seconds for riders to travel the 3,790 feet of track.  Raptor riders will reach a top speed of 57 mph, while experiencing six dizzying inversions.

Raptor is an extremely intense ride, making it a favorite of coaster enthusiasts, but guests with medical conditions such as a heart condition, or neck or back injury should avoid riding this coaster.  The front car offers the best view, but for a more intense ride, find a seat towards the rear of the train.  Although, Raptor isn’t the newest ride at Cedar Point, it has aged well, and will keep riders trying to figure out what is next as they experience the twisting and looping track.