Millennium Force

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Type: Roller Coaster                    
Specific Type: Steel / Giga Coaster
Seating: 3 Sit-Down, Tiered, 2-abreast, 36-passenger trains
Height: 310 feet
Drop: 300 feet
Angle: 80 degrees
Speed: 93 MPH
Length: 6,595 feet
Duration: 2 minutes
Manufacturer: Intamin, AG
Color Scheme: Silver supports / dark blue track
Opening Date: 5/13/2000

POV Video

Millennium Force, a steel roller coaster built by Intamin AG, officially opened on May 13, 2000.  It is located at the previous site of the Giant Wheel, which was moved to the beach next to Wicked Twister. Millennium Force’s 6595 feet of steel track are painted blue with silver supports.  When it opened, Millennium Force broke 10 coaster and amusement park records including:

  • First complete circuit coaster to top 300 feet
  • Tallest complete circuit coaster
  • Longest drop on a complete circuit coaster
  • Fastest complete circuit roller coaster
  • Steepest non-inversion banked turn on a coaster
  • First roller coaster to utilize a cable lift system
  • Most rides at an amusement park
  • Most roller coasters at an amusement park
  • Most steel roller coasters at an amusement park
  • Most feet of roller coaster track at an amusement park

Millennium Force riders enter the station where a futuristic track of music is playing.  Riders board one of three 36 passenger trains which feature a stadium style seating.  The trains are colored red, blue or yellow with the Millennium Force logo on the front of each train.  Riders are secured with seat belts and a lap bar which secures riders in the seat, yet leaves them feeling very open.

As the train leaves the station, riders immediately begin the ascent up Millennium Force's lift hill which is 310 feet tall.  The hill utilizes a cable lift system which provides riders a very smooth and quick 15 mile per hour ride to the top.  Riders can briefly see a beautiful view of Lake Erie and the park before dropping 300 feet at an 80 degree angle reaching speeds of 93 miles per hour.  Millennium Force’s track then takes riders over 169 feet in the air through an overbanked turn at 122 degrees.  Riders travel through a tunnel before going over a 182 foot tall parabolic hill filled with airtime.  After passing over a lagoon, Adventure Island and Dinosaurs Alive! attraction, riders complete a 105 foot, 360 degree helix followed by an overbanked turn.  There are several other airtime hills, twists and turns before the train passes by the station and queue lines, still traveling 65 miles per hour before entering another overbanked turn.  Riders are slowed by magnetic breaks before entering the station to unload on a platform separate from the loading platform.

The 6,595 feet of track is made of 229 pieces of track.  In 2012, Cedar Point replaced the lighting with new LED lights to illuminate the ride at night.  The main lift hill is coordinated with the Luminosity show and features different types of brightly colored rainbow lighting.

The two minute and thirty second ride time is filled with airtime and intense speed in this out and back coaster.  Millennium Force riders must be 48” tall, and guests of exceptional size, should try the seat in the front as the belts may not be accommodating.  Millennium Force’s steel track is very smooth, and as one of the world’s tallest, fastest and longest coasters today, riders are certain to enjoy this very intense ride.  It is a coaster at Cedar Point that all enthusiasts should have on their “must ride” list.