Magnum XL-200

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Type: Roller Coaster                   
Specific Type: Steel, Out & Back, Hyper Coaster
Seating: 3 Sit-Down, 2-abreast, 36-passenger trains
Height: 205 feet
Drop: 195 feet
Angle: 60 degrees 
Speed: 72 MPH
Length: 5,106 feet
Duration: 2 minutes
Manufacturer: Arrow Dynamics
Color Scheme: Silver supports / red track
Opening Date: 5/6/1989

POV Video

Magnum XL-200, built by Arrow Dynamics, debuted in 1989 as the first hyper coaster over 200 feet tall. Situated near Lake Erie, Magnum is a steel out and back coaster, standing 205 feet tall. When it was built, it was not only the first complete circuit coaster over 200 feet tall, but it was also the fastest coaster, clocking speeds of 72 MPH. Because of this ride, Cedar Point is credited with firing the “first shot” in the “coaster wars.” After its introduction, several amusement parks raced to build taller and faster coasters! Despite the competition, Magnum XL-200 won the Golden Ticket award for Best Steel Coaster in 1998, 1999 and 2000. In addition, it has never been ranked lower than #10, on the Top 10 list, since its debut.

Magnum XL-200 sports a red track and silver supports. The trains are solid white, with black trim and black graphics on the side of each car. There is a translucent, black, fan- shaped trim on the front of each of the three trains. The 36-passenger trains have riders sitting in cars featuring three rows, two abreast in each row. Passengers are secured with a single belt and separate lap bars.

The two-minute ride experience begins as riders board the train and secure the seat belt and lap bars. Once passengers are restrained safely in the train, it exits the station and turns to the right to begin the climb up the 205 foot hill. The chain catches the train, and you hear it clicking as the train makes the slow ascent to the top of the hill. During the climb to the top, riders have an amazing view of the park, Lake Erie, Soak City and the Cedar Point beach. On a clear day, you can spot Canada in the distance.

As the ride crests the hill, the riders are looking down, at a 60 degree angle, and suddenly they plummet 195 feet, at 72 miles per hour. The riders quickly ascend to the top of the second hill, reaching 100 feet high, before being dropped again, into a tunnel. The tunnel leads riders to the tip of the Cedar Point peninsula where riders go through a pretzel element at a high rate of speed. The track exits the pretzel element and the train enters a series of seven bunny hills, two with tunnels. These bunny hills are filled with negative g’s, or airtime, causing the rider to completely leave the seat, multiple times, before returning to the station.

Magnum isn’t the newest, fastest or smoothest ride at Cedar Point, but the amount airtime this award winning coaster provides, makes it a memorable experience and a must ride for any enthusiast who visits this park.