Sky Fighters


Sky Fighters provides high flying fun for Cedar Point’s younger riders.

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Snoopy Bounce


This mild thrill ride is sure to make Cedar Point’s younger guests giggle as they bounce inside the inflatable Snoopy.

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Snoopy's Space Race


Snoopy’s Space Race is a ride that all little future astronauts should ride. Snoopy’s Space Race puts you in control in your very own rocket.

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Space Age


Every astronaut starts here. Climb aboard your very own rocket as it launches you into the sky, then brings you safely back down to earth for a hero’s welcome.

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Wilderness Run

Jr. Gemini

Wilderness Run is the perfect ride to train a future coaster enthusiast. It might not be comfortable for larger guests, but smaller park visitors are sure to love the excitement this beginner coaster brings.

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Woodstock’s Airmail


Woodstock’s Airmail is a great beginner for little ride warriors-in-training. Woodstock’s Airmail is located in Camp Snoopy.

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