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Lake Erie Eagles will snap into action on the newly renovated Gemini Midway

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Midway Carousel

Featuring 60 beautifully-painted horses and chariots, the Midway Carousel takes you on a trip through Cedar Point’s history. One of the few Daniel Muller carousels in existence today, this signature ride has been entertaining Cedar Point guests since the 1940s.

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Peanuts 500

VROOOM with a view, of Camp Snoopy! The Peanuts 500 revs up the fun with a stock car look and feel, and it’s just the right size for you and your little racers.

Read more: Peanuts 500

Peanuts Road Rally

Off we go, off the road! The Peanuts Road Rally features 4x4 trucks that look like the real thing. Everybody in the family can get on and travel a track that’s full of curves.

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for Pipe Scream! Enjoy the best of both worlds when Pipe Scream, a combination of a roller coaster and thrill ride, spins it way onto the Gemini Midway this summer.

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Sky Ride

The best way to get from here to there, and enjoy a great view of Cedar Point rides, landscaping and attractions along the way. The Sky Ride glides 92 feet in the air over the Main Midway. You’ll travel in your own personal gondola for more than a half-mile toward even more Cedar Point excitement!

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Snoopy's Deep Sea Divers

This is a deep sea dive like no other, because it happens up in the air! Snoopy’s Deep Sea Divers takes the whole family “under the sea” in a fun-filled submarine ride that offers views of Planet Snoopy from above!

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Snoopy's Express Railroad

Everyone can climb aboard this colorful train just the right size for youngsters and their families. You’ll journey through Planet Snoopy, close enough to wave to friends along the way!

Read more: Snoopy's Express Railroad


Hang on tight and enjoy the spin! The Tilt-a-Whirl is a classic ride that moves every which way, tickling your tummy and taking you straight to the fun.

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Woodstock's Whirlybirds

Spin, spin and spin some more! Parents and kids can climb into their own "bird's nest" for an unforgettable ride. Plus, use your muscle power to spin your nest 'round and 'round!

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