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Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad


Ride Type: Steam Powered Train
Intensity Level:  1 - Low Thrill

POV Video

Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad debuted in 1963.  George A. Roose, then president of Cedar Point, Inc. searched the country to locate two narrow gauge steam engines which were refurbished to use on the railroad.  Today, Cedar Point continues Mr. Roose’s vision and uses three real coal fired steam locomotives.  The current engines in regular operation are #44 Judy K., #22 Myron H. and #4 George R. Each of these engines, along with a couple of previous engines, are stored in an old-fashioned engine house and maintained by a full-time railroad superintendent.

The track location has changed several times throughout the years, most notably in 2007 to accommodate for the Maverick track supports.   Currently, the track is approximately a two mile circuit. There are two stations that allow riders to enter or exist.  The Main Station is located towards the front of the park near Celebration Plaza and Millennium Force. The Frontier Town Station is conveniently located towards the rear of the park, near the entrance to Mean Streak.

Although the train might not offer coaster enthusiasts an adrenaline rush, it will allow them to rest their feet while taking a scenic trip through the park.  The train passengers will see stunning views of Lake Erie, and park attractions on the trip from the Main Station to the Frontier Town Station.  As riders complete the round trip, they will travel through a themed area called “Boneville.”  This area offers scenes of animated skeletons that come to life when the train hits “trip wires” placed throughout the track.  The fifteen minute ride of Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad offers families the opportunity to relax, while seeing the park in Cedar Point’s most historical form of transportation.