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Kiddy Kingdom Carousel


Manufacturer: Dentzel
Ride Type: Carousel
Capacity:  52 Animals
Intensity Level:  1 - Low Thrill

The Kiddy Kingdom Carousel opened in 1968 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This 1925 William H. Dentzel antique carousel has 52 animals (16 standing and 36 jumping), including rabbits, bears, ostriches, lions, tigers and donkeys, as well as horses, plus two grand chariots. In 1988 the Armored Horse was even featured on a U.S. stamp. With a low thrill rating of 1 this ride is a great ride for all Cedar Point fans. Riders must 46" or accompanied by a responsible person. The Kiddy Kingdom Carousel is located in the middle of Kiddy Kingdom and is one of 3 carousels at Cedar Point.