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2016 Park Events

Cedar Point's special events for 2016! We hope to see you there! (unofficial list)

*All event dates and times are subject to change without notice.


• Winter Chill Out- Saturday, February 20th- This event gives Cedar Point fans the opportunity to tour the park during the off-season, have the chance to ask questions at a behind-the-scenes Q&A session with park staff, and have lunch! Tickets are required for this event and all of the proceeds are donated to A Kid Again!


March of Dimes - April 30th - The March of Dimes walk takes place April 30th. Be sure and make a team then sign up for the walk!!


Valravn Launch Party - May 5th - Price TBD but you can pay one price to be one of the first public riders on Valravn. All proceeds will benefit the LeBron James Family Foundation.


Season Passholder Preview Night - Friday May 6th - Do you have a Season Pass or Platinum Pass and would like to take a ride on Valravn as some of the first public riders? Now's your chance! Come out to Cedar Point on Friday, May 6th, for Season Passholder Preview Night.


Sneak Peek Weekend, May 7th - May 8th - Join Cedar Point on this weekend for a sneak peek before opening day!


Park Closed - Closed from May 9th - May 12th


Opening Day Friday May 13th! - Join Cedar Point on Opening Day as they officially open for the season!


Physics, Science and Math Week - May 16th - ? - If you are a student, this is your chance to ride some of the best coasters and thrill rides at Cedar Point and learn the science behind them! Presentations, demonstrations, and hands on exhibits from the park’s educational partners will be available all week long. Students will be given the opportunity to experience the laws of physics in motion and learn about how math and science apply to amusement parks! Find out how to signup (link coming soon)


Coaster Campout - Early May? - Have you ever wanted to campout inside Cedar Point? Now is your chance! Come to the third annual Coaster Campout! You can stay overnight in the park and help a great cause at the same time!


Season Pass Appreciation - May 21st - 22nd - Do you have a Cedar Point season pass? If you do, come to the park during Season Pass Appreciation weekend for ERT on Valravn on May 21st and May 22nd on Maverick.


Brew & BBQ (dates coming soon) - Specialty beers, and BBQ. More info to come!


Soak City Opening Day - Saturday May 28th - Cedar Point’s outdoor waterpark, Soak City, opens for the season.


GateKeeper Ride Night - Thursday June 9th - Are you a fan of GateKeeper? If you are, grab your Platinum Pass and ride GateKeeper for an hour after the park closes!


CoasterMania! - Friday June 5th - Are you a huge coaster fan? If you are this is the event for you! This is your chance to experience morning exclusive ride time, food, fun and more ride time in the evening! New for 2016 everyone MUST buy a ticket to CoasterMania. It will also be limited so buy your tickets quickly. Price TBD


Coasting for Kids (date coming soon) - This event is back with more coasters to choose from. Participants can ride some of Cedar Point’s coasters all day long to help raise money for Give Kids the World. Give Kids the World.


GateKeeper Ride Night - Thursday June 9th - Are you a fan of GateKeeper? If you are, grab your Platinum Pass and ride GateKeeper for an hour after the park closes!


Cedar Fair Run and Ride Series - Saturday and Sunday, June 11th - 12th - The third annual event will feature a half-marathon, 10k, 5k and a 1-mile fun run! To signup, click here!


Millennium Force and Rougarou Ride Night - Thursday June 23rd - Grab your Platinum Pass and enjoy an extra hour of exclusive ride time after the park closes on the best steel coaster in the world, Millennium Force, and the park’s new floorless coaster, Rougarou!


Fireworks (date coming soon) - The perfect ending to a fantastic 4th of July are fireworks! Grab a spot in the park to sit down and watch Cedar Point’s amazing firework show! Also, Cedar Point's beach is a perfect place to watch the fireworks!


Top Thrill Dragster & Raptor Ride Night - Thursday July 7th - Be sure to kick the sky on Raptor then after, “Keep arms down, head back, and hold on!” Have you ever wanted to ride Top Thrill Dragster as many times as you can in an hour after the park closes, with little waiting? This is your chance. If you are a Platinum Passholder don’t miss this event!


Valravn Ride Night - Thursday Aug. 25th - Get ready to ride this massive beast as you dive though the air on Cedar Point's newest roller coaster in 2016! A Platinum Pass is required.


Season Pass Appreciation - September 2nd - 4th - Do you have a Cedar Point season pass? If you do, come to the park during Season Pass Appreciation weekend. On September, 2nd ERT will be on Millennium Force and Rougarou. On September 3rd, ERT on Top Thrill Dragster and Raptor. And on September 4th, and Valravn. All for Season Passholders only.


REV3 Triathlon - Saturday and Sunday September 10th - 11th - This triathlon will feature a 1.9km/3.8km swim, 90km/180km bike course, and a 21.1km/42.2km run.


PointFest - Saturday September 17th - This concert series features musical performances by some of your favorite Christian bands! 2016 details coming soon!


HalloWeekends - September 16th - October 30th - Visit the park during HalloWeekends and experience terrifying haunted houses and scarezones, along with your favorite rides and shows!


Closing Day/Guest Appreciation Day - Sunday October 30th - This is your last chance to visit the park before it closes for the season. Get your last rides in and enjoy good deals around the park for Guest Appreciation Day!