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Chickie's & Pete's

Type of food served:

Philly Cheese Steaks 
Lisa’s Blonde Lobster Pie
Legendary Crabfries
Much more to come!
Soft Drinks

Chickie's & Pete's is a new restaurant at the park for the 2014 season. Chickie's & Pete's will feature local sports memorabilia as well as some signature menu items such as Philly Cheese Steaks, Lisa's Blonde Lobster Pie and their legendary Crabfries. Lisa's Blonde Lobster Pie is an award-winning, thin-crust, white pie topped with mouth-watering baby lobster. The Crabfries are not what you think. These are special fries available only at Chickie's & Pete's. They are bathed in a secret recipe of spices and served with two sides of their one-of-a-kind White Creamy Cheese Sauce. Chickie's & Pete's also offers a Gluten Free menu as well as an Express menu. Chickie's & Pete's is located near the Blue Streak in the former Game Day Grille.